Top 10 Things to Do This Summer in Sweetwater County


暑假给情侣, families 和 friends time to appreciate their freedom from the everyday 和 create bonds that the hustle of ordinary life can push to the side. 有这么多旅游目的地, it can be difficult to decide where your most memorable summer trip can be found. 但一旦你看了这片秘密绿洲, you’ll discover that a road trip through the Great American West can be so much more than a shared memory — it can become a celebrated annual event the whole family will look forward to every year. Peruse our list with your loved ones 和 discover the exciting things you can experience together in Sweetwater County, 怀俄明.

1. 享受湖边的乐趣

以西十四英里 岩石弹簧, 怀俄明, you'll find the immense Lake Flaming Gorge 和 火烈峡乡村. 的re's an abundance of unforgettable outdoor recreation available in 和 around the lake, making this area popular with locals 和 visitors alike.

喝点水, a pair of hiking boots or your mountain bike — 和 don't miss these awe-inspiring views. 熊峡谷盗版红峡谷边缘 are great hiking 和 biking 小径 for any skill level. 的 威尔金斯峰步道系统 is an expansive network of mostly single-track 小径 made for horseback riders, 山地自行车和徒步旅行者. 想要一些悠闲的娱乐,试试吧 钓鱼 in "America's Most Scenic Trophy Trout Destination.“即使 野营 is a site to behold at Lake Flaming Gorge, because the elevation brings cool evenings 和 a 满天繁星

2. 下水

One of the best ways to cool off in summertime is enjoying water recreation. With enough marinas to cover the 66 square miles of open water, you can easily launch your own boat or rent one of many watercrafts from 四轮马车的码头.

租一艘皮艇、桨板或独木舟 for a tranquil outing, or launch your jet ski 和 wakeboards to turn it up a notch. 随你便, make sure to follow a route during your outing — they offer the best sights of Flaming Gorge. 如果你想继续上网, 探险岛白水公园和油管通道 in 绿河 provide on-the-water adventures closer to town.

3. 探索古代历史

斯威特沃特县是 白山岩画, a series of s和stone carvings created 300 feet from the ground by the area's earliest residents. 的 etchings depict inhabitants' lives 和 trials from 200 to 1000 years ago. From h和prints to hunts, these ancestors still manage to captivate our imaginations today.

其他地质奇观是由 绿河构造 是惊人的古代 岩层 点缀着整个高沙漠的景色. Grab your camera for these one-of-a-kind sights, you won't want to forget the impression they leave. 

4. 看表演

Summer in Sweetwater County means sunny weather, outdoor adventures 和 events like no other. 怀俄明州的大秀 attracts crowds from across the nation 和 features a concert series, 狂欢节, local cuisine 和 a changing schedule of daily entertainment. 的 全国高中决赛牛仔竞技比赛 draws competitors from around the world with 1,500个竞争者和超过100个,000名爱好者蜂拥而至 Sweetwater Events Complex.  

5. 冒险越野

如果你想在西部狂野一下, 杀手沙丘火烈峡乡村 可以提供出色的冒险. Sometimes it can be tough to find a suitable off-road trail 和 recreation area, 但斯威特沃特县已经做好了准备. With a whole area of the dunes dedicated to off-road vehicles, 包括沙滩车, 你可以玩到心满意足为止. Additionally, Lake Flaming Gorge is surrounded by 步道及骑行区 专为越野设计. 

6. 观赏非凡的野生动物

With its high-desert terrain 和 mountainous l和scapes, Sweetwater County is home to a number of rare species 和 unequaled wildlife viewing. 的 巴特野马飞行员 are a famous herd of 1500 descendants of horses of the Wild West. To best view these majestic creatures, take the 23-mile off-grid 风景优美的环. Another can't-miss wild spot is the 27,000+ acre Seedskadee国家野生动物保护区. Not only can you explore 36 miles of the 绿河 和 fish in gold medal waters, 你也可以打猎, birdwatch, 露营和骑全地形车.  

7. 开车游览风景 

Seeing the western frontier is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a trip to Sweetwater County. 在这么大的区域航行可能会很棘手, but taking a ride through simplifies your trip, while giving you access to some remarkable sights. 例如, you can easily see Seedskadee国家野生动物保护区, 杀手沙丘 和 白山岩画 by taking this 循环.

较短的徒步旅行 飞行员巴特风景马圈 很适合午后的无网旅行吗. 一次出色的4x4旅行, 泥泞溪历史小道 穿越鬼城皮埃蒙特. 适用于大多数汽车, 桥谷历史小道 gives a fantastic glimpse of still-visible pioneer 小径 和 Pony Express routes. See what locals call "the best of Sweetwater County" on the 火焰峡谷小道, a route that is appropriate for any vehicle 和 hits some of the best sights, 比如绿河和远征岛.

8. 钻研西方历史

A crossroads for weary travelers during the 1800s, Sweetwater County is steeped in Old West antiquity. 岩石弹簧 is a perfect place to bring the history to life. 参观 石泉历史博物馆 然后去参观一下鬼城 酒的依赖. 之后,参见先锋和不法之徒 小径 亲眼所见. 的 甜水县历史博物馆 in 绿河 is another great place to discover historic artifacts, 摄影, 和 experience the life of 19th Century settlers 和 Native Americans. 探索废弃的矿山和建筑, as well as learn about the town's coal mining history, 参观 优越的博物馆.  

9. 了解考古学

A fascinating aspect of Sweetwater County is its geologic past. 绿河地层的一部分, 一个古老的湖泊和盆地系统, 斯威特沃特县有丰富的化石. 访问 湖Gosiute to glimpse nearly 60 million years into the past. 如果你在寻找古代巨人, 比如三角龙和蛇颈龙, 石泉博物馆有恐龙展览 世界自然历史博物馆.

10. 必须品尝的餐馆

Fuel your daily adventure in Southwest 怀俄明 with the delicious, authentic flavors of the area. From juicy bison burgers 和 flavor-packed burritos to micro-brews 和 Food Network-featured treats, you’ll find plenty to satisfy your taste buds at these 必须品尝的餐馆.