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Sweetwater County Tourism Ambassador Program

Reach a New Level of Guest Service

The Sweetwater County Tourism Ambassador program is a multi-faceted program that serves to increase tourism by inspiring front-line employees and volunteers to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. When visitors have a positive experience, they are more likely to return in the future and also share their experience with others. Everyone benefits—the visitors, the industry, the local economy, and most importantly, the front-line worker.

Using a locally customized curriculum, the Certified Tourism AmbassadorTM (CTA) program is an industry-recognized certification that aligns the destination's people infrastructure to increase tourism by Enhancing the Visitor ExperienceTM. There are currently more than 17,000 CTAs and more than 50,000 who have been certified since the program's inception.

Enroll Yourself and Your Employees Today

To enroll, go to Select Wyoming in the drop-down menu and click on Sweetwater County.

Completing one four-hour class with a test score of 75% or higher will gain you a one-year certification.

CTA Class Dates

  • 5月20日: 2 pm - 6 pm @ WWCC, Room 3650B (Rock Springs)

Program Benefits

By becoming a Sweetwater County Certified Tourism Ambassador, you will:

  • Build valuable skills to help advance your career
  • Open up networking opportunities
  • Receive frequent tourism updates on events, county news, etc.
  • Gain meaningful credentials that denote a commitment to the profession

Thank you for your dedication to turning every SWC visitor encounter into a positive experience! Learn more by downloading our Sweetwater County CTA brochure or enroll today. 

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  Sweetwater County Certified Tourism Ambassadors


Certified Tourism Ambassadors Not Pictured: Crystal Aguilar, Grace Banks, Charlotte Barger, Tanya Barger, Elena Barrera, Amanda Benson, Graydon Bingham, 艾米·波德, 博伊德斯凯, Kelly Brucker, Tyler Camphouse, Xitlaly Chavarria, Frances Chavez, Curt Christensen, Tommy Clark, Stacy Colvin, Chelley Comstock, Tegan Conover, 伊桑腼腆, Brianna Cukale, Hanna Davis, Kyra Deakin, Harlie Eason, Kylie Edwards, Maria Elsen, Alyze Farris, April Fassett, Kennedy Ferguson, Nicole Fleet, Jorge Garcia, Shelby Gardner, Kaelea Gibson, Chezney Goglio, Skylee Gomez, Torie Green, Tricia Green, Cathy Greene, Kristen Gresham, Jason Grubb, Calvin Holm, Heather Hubert, DeAnna Hunter, Kyler Hurdsman, Jocelyn Johnson, Rhonda Johnson, Stacy Jones, Tammy Keifer, Darrian Krentz, 凯特兰妮, Glenn Lansberry, Heather Lees, 安娜·洛特, Marilyn Lowerison, Felicia Maes, Marcos Mandujano, Bethany Marchicio, Lance Mattson, Kenneth McComas, Samantha McGee, Brandi McKinley, Madisen Meek, Amanda Murphy, Kelly Myers, Terri Nations, Cindy Nelson, Olivia Nielsen, Katie Olsen, Gavin Olson, 朱莉·阿曼, Jaxon Peacock, Brandi Pearson, Jessica Phillips, Danica Reyes, Dayana Reyes, 亚历克斯·莱利, Bailee Roberts, Ashlyn Santhuff, Aimee Skaggs, Chris Soderlund, Eve Soldner, Amanda Souther, Kelly Souther, Sophie Spicer, Richard Tetteh, Tyler Thomas, Lillian Thompson, Tanner Thompson, Meg Torgersen, Dominique Torres, Maryann Uhlenhop, Lindy Wardell, Tricia Watkins, Presley Weaver, Victoria Wetzel, Megan Willis, Stormy Wilson, Aubrie Winkler, & Hailey York.